Forum Title: Tank Clean out removing the oils
There is a way to remove the loose oils in the tank before you jumping and chip out any chunks that have built up. It also takes care of the same build up in the hoses and pump. I do this with dawn dish soap, which is what I use at home when in the shower as well. We are using an emulsion sealer. I fill the tank with water and used 72oz of soap, you could probably get away with half that much soap in a 700 gal tank. here is the first step filling the tank. Remember to build a retention pond to catch the water once you go to drain. This pond will dry out so you can dispose of the dry sealer at a later date.
Category: Paving Post By: VANESSA CALDWELL (Fort Myers, FL), 01/12/2020

Asphalt emulsion right?

- DEBRA ADAMS (Ventura, CA), 01/31/2020

Dawn is actually great for clothes and in the shower too

- ALEX WALTERS (Sugar Land, TX), 01/31/2020

Yes this is asphalt emulsion. This helps remove the oils on the surface still sticking on the walls of the tank, and hoses etc. I recirculate the soapy water through the system. Before using dawn we would use a product from sunrise environmental cleaner Called prism, which is citrus based. While we still will use this on the tank exterior and scrub the sealer away, you always have a film left behind that will get you sticky and the residual oils can still get you black if you rub against the tank. Then we use dawn which will clean well too just not as fast as the prism. The dawn will not leave behind any residue which is awesome.

- SETH FIGUEROA (Bethlehem, PA), 01/31/2020

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