Forum Title: Premature sealer wear on shaded drive.
Just got a phone call today from a customer whose driveway I sealed last summer. She stated that the sealer was already wearing in the part of her lane where it runs through the woods. Now I have noticed that sealer tends to wear quicker under shade, can anyone tell me what causes this? I told her I will come out and look at it and probably have to re seal that section this year. I told her to stay off of it for 48 hours due to the shade. I want to back my work up and get it fixed right to make her happy but don’t want to waste my time and material if it is going to keep doing this. I would think that the sealer would wear more in the sun than shade. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to tell the customer and how to prevent this?
Category: Paving Post By: TED BUSH (Las Vegas, NV), 01/18/2020

Possible something from the tree dripping on the asphalt . Didn’t allow the sealer to adhere might need to prime it. When I say something on the surface like a sap or something you can’t see. What types of trees are around

- SALLY NEWMAN (Syracuse, NY), 01/31/2020

Is the sealcoat flaking, pilling or did it turn into dust? Or just wearing out faster than expected? Tree Sap! If the sealcoat is flaking off or there seems to be a bonding issue sounds like tree sap. Trees like Olive, Maples and Pines are notorious for causing bonding issues from there sap and pollen. I always recommend power washing tree lined driveways before sealcoating and then wait 2 days to allow the pavement to dry before sealcoating the driveway. If it’s wearing or dusting did the property owners leave the sprinklers on? If the driveway is in shade it’s always a good idea to have the sprinklers turned off 2 days before and 2 day after install at a minimum to allow the pavement to be completely dry. Too much moisture held in the pavement will definitely interfere with your coating being able to cure properly and maintain its longevity. It could be anything, if the rest of the sealcoat is holding up as expected I would do a very thorough evaluation around the problem area chances are you will find the culprit. You can always ask your supplier to go evaluate it with you also. Just be sure that any sealcoat that is still flacking off or loose is completely removed before you reseal it. I will also recommend fogging the entire area that is failing with diluted tac to help ensure proper adhesion this go around. Good luck let us know what you find and how you resolved the issues.

- DIANE TORRES (Huntington Beach, CA), 01/31/2020

I cant remember what types of trees, I know they were not a soft wood like pine. There was not any sap on the asphalt prior to sealing, there was areas with moss but that was removed before sealing. If I remember right it’s a good 150-200’ section that goes through the woods.

- Lyndi (Utica, NY), 01/31/2020

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