Plan Ahead for Professional Snow Removal

Local contractors - Blog - Inspections & Maintenance - The first lovely snowflakes that fall from the sky may bring smiles to many lips, and often make children squeal with delight. That is when you may require the services of a professional snow removal service. Depending on the amount of snow that typically builds up around your structures or in your parking lot, the mess can become quite significant. However, that is not the full picture because the resulting buildup the next day can be a messy struggle for business owners and commercial buildings. ..More

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How We Helped A Property Manager... Save His Job!

Top 10 technicians - Repair Tech Blogs - My Client told me he needed to have them fixed before Monday because he and his Boss feared they would lose their jobs. This particular client managed 370 properties in NJ, PA, DE & NY. Not to say working in the pavement industry is tedious but the mundane of doing the same tasks day after day can create tunnel vision at times. I am working on the landscaping in my yard on a Saturday morning, and when I come back in the house I find I have three missed calls from a client. I know there is a problem. Well. on a Saturday. on a windy day with stencils that are intended for a one time use you can probably imagine what the finished product looked like when it was complete. The in-house maintenance crew did the best job they could by using paper stencils purchased from Home Depot. Picture this scenario. What I love about working in the pavement industry (Both Office & Field) are the challenges it presents at times and the ability to solve problems- it's mainly rewarding when the problems you can solve are that of a customer! And when those solved problems result in them not losing their job then I really love to help. .   When he exclaimed this to me I am embarrased to admit I kind of chuckeld with a come on man, is the stenciling really that bad? in which he replied, I am dead serious- I will most likely LOSE my job Monday if anyone sees this!  . The CEO requested Reserved parking stalls striped outside his office for himself and visiting VIP's. I am assuming it's a typical Hey; I just received a call that we had a catch basin collapse, can you send someone to barricade it? It wasn't- it was far more urgent!Apparently, outside the Corporate Headquarters (Right next to where the CEO lands his helicopter) the in-house maintenance crew was trying to help the facilities department and created a situation ..More

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NJ Asphalt Line Striping Cost in Monmouth County NJ

Listings Of technicians - Repair Company Blogs - . We also offer Unit Price Contracts, Lump Sum Contracts & Per Store Contracts. We are available to work 24 hrs a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (Weather / Conditions Permitting) ..More

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Top 3 Reasons Preparation Is Key To A Successful Paving Project

Popular commercial contractors - Guide & Tips On - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - .  . If you have extensive cracking a geotextile paving fabric can be installed prior to paving to prevent reflective cracking from coming up through the new asphalt overlay ..More

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Why does asphalt crack in front of dumpsters?

Best Local residential contractors - Resources & Guides - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - 00 for a standard 10' X 14' pad. Specifically older properties sometimes have dumpsters moved to other areas of the parking lot where they originally were not located. . The subgrade beneath the stone should be solid and not show any signs of reflection or vertical movement under the stress of a loaded dump truck. 00 - $5,0000. The issue is these newly designated sections may not have the pavement design to handle the weight of the dumpster and garbage truck. How to prevent asphalt damage?If you have new tenants, require additonal dumpsters or need to move the dumpsters to new locations it is advisable to install a concrete pad where the dumpster is going to be placed on the parking lot and extend the pad out a minimum of 10' past the dumpster to absorb the weight of the garbage truck front wheels. How thick should the concrete be?The concrete should have a minimum thickness of 6 of a 4,500 psi with fiber mesh placed ontop of a minimum of 4 of stone. How much does a concrete dumpster pad cost?Depending on the depth of the existing asphalt and subgrade needs to be excavated, the cost should be between $3,000. When the truck lifts your dumpster it shifts a tremendous amount of weight and stress to the front of the truck which then produces downward pressure on asphalt pavement. A typical garbage truck weights 80,000 lbs (40 tons). If the subgrade is weak it is advisable to install 6 of stone over a plastic geotextile soil stabilization fabric ..More

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